Monday, September 2, 2019


The 737 MAX issue has been all about improper training. I flew the earlier 737 models (100-400) and they, as well as all Boeing jets have what are called "stab trim cutoff switches". The system that automatically pushes the nose over if it senses  a stall uses the stabilizer trim motors to do it. The 2 switches just below the throttle quadrant on the 737, remove power from these motors, allowing the pilots to manually trim the airplane back to a safe configuration.

Prior to the two third world airplane crashes, US pilots had reported this problem many times to the Company and to Boeing. No crashes occurred in the US because US airlines train their pilots very well to deal with stabilized trim abnormalities. For a properly trained pilot, this problem was minor inconvenience.

Boeing is responsible for creating the issue in the first place, but it was poor training of the pilot involved in the crashes that led to the disasters. Know what two little switches do, would have likely saved both airplanes.

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