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Where is Malaysian Flight 530 - Theory

Topic: More on MH Flight 530 (New additions to analysis items 6+ below)

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Still dominating the media, the MH Flight 530 search has switched to a different part of the Indian Ocean. I have been very suspicious of the whole thing from about the first week in. As each day passes that no wreckage is found, I fear that the flight was somehow redirected to a country hostile to the US, probably Iran, Pakistan. Certain African countries, wittingly or otherwise, host a number of terrorist organizations' training camps. Should on of these organizations get their hands on a transcontinental Being 777, there could, in theory, load it with enough explosives and fly it to a destination that would make 911 look like a pack of fire crackers going off, with the potential to take out significant areas of wherever they may take it. Supporting this theory are that facts that;

1. The timing is right. Al-Qaida has not yet made good on their long term threat to do more harm to the US than 911. And perhaps the target is not the US, but some other country in the European block.

2. The tracking mechanisms (transponder and ACARS) were intentionally turned off many hours before the crash. This can really only happens if someone in control of the aircraft takes specific action to do it.

3. If the flight indeed did turn to the Northwest or West in the direction of locations that might covertly land the aircraft, they would want the world to believe and search in an area far from the aircraft's actual destination. If true, they could not have chosen a better area to make they world believe where it went down. Remote, high seas, bad weather... no better place on earth.

4. An arrival to a location mentioned above, or even Somalia , who is known for this kind of thing with large ships (but probably beyond the Somalian boat people's capability to pull off) would have been within fuel range of the aircraft. An arrival time would have been at approximately 5:00 to 6:00, still under the cover of darkness. A steep, power off descent, very quiet, in to a desolate area could have been made in a location where no general population exists within perhaps only 20 mile radius and no one but the perpetrators would have known.

5. The Malaysian Government may or may not have played a part in it. They have been less than forthcoming with information, have given less that accurate information on occasion and announced earlier this week to the relatives of the people on the flight have all perished, without any solid physical evidence. The relatives responded in uproar saying "we want proof". The very next day the Malaysian authorities gave them what they wanted, more alleged French photos of the area where 122 pieces were found of debris no one cold quite yet identify as pieces of an aircraft. In the an area of the Indian Ocean around where they were originally searching, the ocean currents essentially collect debris from the entire Indian ocean and spin into a center area of the ocean. Unrelated, there is another more infamous are in the Northern Pacific between the US and Japan the does the same thing. One would expect a huge amount of items of all types to be found in these areas.


6. No debris found is a tremendous indicator that that aircraft did not go down into the ocean.
a. If the aircraft "ditched", the engines would have sheared off causing the aircraft to open fuel and oil ports, venting a slick of both into the ocean. This slick would remain and travel with the currents. Additionally, it would have been next to impossible for the best of pilots to ditch at night in relatively heavy seas and not have the aircraft at least partially break up. Aboard the aircraft are countless objects that would float and the debris, or at least a bit of it would have been spotted by now.

b. If the aircraft entered the ocean at a steep angle intact, driving the entire ship well beneath the surface quickly, the increased pressure on the descent to the bottom of the ocean would have caused a breakup. Internal cabin pressure on the 777 is about 6-7 psi and probably has a safety factor of 2 to 3 times that. Ocean pressure is 14.5 psi at only 33 feet. In such case, the aircraft would have begun to implode at somewhere around 100 feet and again, some debris would have reached the surface.

c. If the aircraft somehow ditched completely intact, and IF the engines did not shear off, and IF the cabin were breached prior to sinking, filling with water, equalizing the pressure, it is remotely possible that the entire ship could have descended completely intact leaving no trace... a lot of big IFs. If the captain knew the aircraft was meeting the ocean, he or automation could have equalized the pressure, possibly enabling a complete intact descent. This still does not address the issue of 2 engines meeting the water at 150 knots. They would have come off. The forces in play here would have been relatively equivalent to hitting a brick wall with a car at 175 mpg

7. Regarding the pinging that was heard from the black boxes, in a perfectly though out plot by our unsavory characters referenced above, the could have obtained a black box from a retired aircraft sitting in dome remote s desert somewhere, restore it's functionality. A day prior to the aircraft going missing, the box could have been purposely flown to where the pinging was detected and dropped in to the deepest part of the ocean, which is exactly where the pinging was heard. If they wanted the world to believe the aircraft truly went down, it would be the perfect addition to the plan. It will probably be years, if ever, that any final conclusion is reached that the aircraft can never be found.

8. The people on board the aircraft could have been summarily dispatched or perhaps held until the event they plan occurs, at which point their existence becomes irrelevant to
the terrorists. Eliminate them, let them go, it will not matter at that point.

9. Add to this the fact that no agency or media source has presented in detail this scenario. These are smart people and the probably reached the same potential outcome long before I did. It would be quite traumatic to the world at large and the airline industry to know that there is a Boeing 777 on the lose in the hands of a terrorist organization.

I do admit, this is certainly fringe thinking, but given all the circumstances surrounding this event, things just do not add up. Frighting as it is,
to date, this is the only analysis that encompasses every aspect of this event.

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