Tuesday, February 18, 2014

When Should You Fly the Airlines?

Business Aviation Education from Aargus Air Charter                                                                                  Volume 1, Post 22

You should use the airlines for most of your trips. Shocked? Airline travel often is the right choice. We’d never suggest using business aircraft for every trip.

What kind of trips should you take on the airlines?

  • Weeklong round trips would be a good choice. If you’re flying from Grand Rapids to Sacramento on a Monday morning, working all week, and coming back on Friday, using the airlines usually makes sense.
  • Same day round trips where you can go non-stop. Say you’re flying from Grand Rapids to Chicago, working in town all day, and flying home after dinner. You may need to get up at 4:30 AM to catch the first flight out.  And the last flight home is often delayed. But you'll likely be in bed by midnight.
  • Trips for that rare client who lets you bill for travel time. If you miss a connection, or there’s a delay taking off, at least you’re billing for it.

When should you fly in business aircraft? When time, speed, privacy, delivery, or flexibility gives you an immediate advantage greater then the difference in cost.

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