Friday, February 14, 2014

Visiting Reference Accounts in Business Aircraft

Business Aviation Education from Aargus Air Charter                                                                                  Volume 1, Post 20

Prospective customers often want to visit a reference account to see your product or service in use. The prospects also want to questions the folks that have been using it every day.

Visiting a reference account is a routine part of your sales cycle; but it’s fraught with peril. What happens if the prospect is a six-hour airline trip from your reference account…and that’s if the connecting flight is on time?

If the prospect arrives frazzled and upset from the trip, you’re going to have a rough visit. And because it was a six-hour trip one way, the prospect might have to stay overnight. That means, in most cases, only one person made the trip and the rest of the decision makers stayed behind.

Imagine, instead, that you charter a jet to pick up your prospect…and the entire decision-making team…and fly them non-stop in two hours to an airport 15 minutes from the reference account. You have cars standing by to whisk them to the location. No muss, no fuss, happy relaxed prospects eagerly looking forward to seeing your product or service being used.

When the visit is over, the cars whisk them back to the field, and six minutes later your future customers are wheels-up and heading home for dinner with their families. But wait! That’s not all.

Imagine you're on that jet, sitting with your prospects, discussing everything they learned during their visit. You’re helping them debrief, organize their observations, and…since the entire decision-making team is aboard…why not close the sale at 35,000 feet?

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