Monday, February 17, 2014

Save “At Risk” Accounts Using Business Aircraft

Business Aviation Education from Aargus Air Charter                                                                                  Volume 1, Post 21

At least once this year, you're going to come very close to losing a major client or customer to a competitor. Even though the client is using your services, there are competing firms trying every day to get that client away from you and onto their books.

Although a business customer may have been using your products for years, your competitors have never stopped calling on them, building rapport, and asking about needs. One day, all your competitor’s efforts start paying off…and you are in serious danger of losing this account you’ve always assumed was “safe.”

I guarantee you a conference call or web meeting isn’t going to save this account. 

You’re going to have to save it in person.

Don’t waste time with the airlines. You’ll never get there fast enough. By the time you learn the account's at risk, you’ll be lucky if you have 24 hours to save it. In many cases, you’ve got less than a day.

You need to go straight to the airport, hop into a business jet, and get to your client or customer by the fastest means possible. If you get that “goodbye” call at 9 AM, you need to take them to lunch that very same day. If you get the call at 1 PM, guess what city you need to eat dinner in that night?

When you’ve got hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales and revenue riding on one account, don’t try to save it flying on the airlines. You don’t want the lowest fare. You want the fastest trip and you need to go right now!

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