Monday, February 3, 2014

Protect Your Sales Pipeline From The Competition!

Business Aviation Education from Aargus Air Charter                                                                                  Volume 1, Post 13

Let’s assume that, one day this quarter, one of your regional sales reps suddenly quits, with opportunities in the pipeline that your sales manager must handle quickly.

One thing for sure is that your competitors are going to call on your customers and prospects. The competition will take advantage of the fact you no longer have a sales rep in the territory.

Your sales manager needs to leverage time.  The sales manager must get out in the field and meet face-to-face with the customers and prospects to protect the pipeline! By using business aviation, the sales manager can protect the sales pipeline much faster than by driving or taking commercial flights.

While your competitors are hanging around a commercial airport, waiting for their airline flight to depart, your business aviation flight is half way to the client! While the competition is changing planes at a hub, you’re sitting across a desk closing a sale!

Business aviation might seem like a luxury most of the year...but when you've literally got to be faster than the aviation is an absolute necessity!

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