Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Scheduling Your Charter Flight

Business Aviation Education from Aargus Air Charter                                                                                  Volume 1, Post 1

Unlike the scheduled airlines, where you have no choice at all about the schedule, you can easily specify the departure or arrival times when you charter a business aircraft for your trips.

Let’s assume you live and work in Grand Rapids. When arranging a chartered business trip, you typically want to arrive at your destination by a certain time. Just tell me when you need to arrive, and I’ll let you know what time we need to take off.

When you’re planning the return trip, you’ll typically know what time you expect to be finished with your business. Let me know when you expect to be finished, and we can set up the return trip to take off as soon as you get to the airport!

For answers to all your business aviation and air charter questions, please call Dan Dunn at Aargus Air Charter at (616) 956-7600.

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