Monday, January 27, 2014

Ground Transportation and Business Aviation

Business Aviation Education from Aargus Air Charter                                                                                  Volume 1, Post 8
In an earlier post, I explained that your business charter flight lands at a general aviation terminal, frequently called an FBO. The customer service folks at the FBO can arrange rental cars, taxis, car services, or limousines for you.

It’s actually easier if you allow me to arrange all that for you when we set up the trip. Some airports have more than one FBO on the field, and your air charter operator knows which one the pilots will use. So it makes your life very easy if you let us make the ground transportation arrangements.

If you have a preferred car rental company, we’ll use it if there’s a location on or near the airport. At some airports, almost every car rental company has a desk. At others, there might be just one company. In any case, you’ll know ahead of time and have a confirmation number.

The rental car agents will bring the car to the FBO and usually have it waiting planeside for you. When you are finished with your business, you return the rental car to the FBO; and someone from the FBO will drive it back over to the rental car office for you.

If you prefer using a taxi, car service, or limousine, we’ll order these ahead of time. The customer service folks at the FBO will make sure the service provider is waiting for your arrival.

Call Dan Dunn at Aargus Air Charter with all your questions and to arrange your trips.
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