Thursday, January 16, 2014

Food and Beverages On Your Flight!

Business Aviation Education from Aargus Air Charter                                                                  Volume 1 Post 2

Unlike commercial airports, where you can’t take liquids through TSA security screening, you’re welcome to bring your own beverages on board. You don’t need to, because the aircraft will be stocked with an assortment of hot and cold beverages. But if you just opened that bottle of water, there’s no need to glug it down on your way to the airport.

You may also bring food aboard, which is nice on a morning flight if you stopped off on the way to the airport for donuts, coffee, or a bagel. Your flight can also be catered. Tell us what you’d like for a meal or snack, and chances are very good we can provide it.

The larger the aircraft, the more likely it is to have a galley where hot meals can be prepared or heated. But even on the smaller aircraft, you can have a continental breakfast, a boxed lunch, or appetizers and hors d’oeuvres on an evening flight.

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